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Welcome to the DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter!  The purposes of our organization are:  to promote the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation; to educate youth and the general public about the role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation; and to engage in programs and projects designed to encourage and protect the right to hunt.

 Individuals interested in joining the Chapter and support our stated purposes, regardless of where they reside in the United States, Canada or other foreign countries are welcome to complete the application form found below and complete the established application process.

There are several membership options and related dues levels for members.  We recognize that the multiple options for membership may be confusing.  While individuals may select any membership option listed, our recommendation is that potential new members select a three-year, Chapter and Dallas Safari Club option that relates most closely to their personal situation.  The DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter encourages both male and female members as well as youth members – there are membership options and dues plans designed for a broad group of potential members!


Please note:  Membership in the DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter is open to a wide range of interested parties.  At the same time, this Chapter specifically seeks the membership of individuals who understand that any organization can only succeed with the active participation of its members!  Active participation means a commitment of time, talent and treasure to the organization.  A commitment of time, talent and treasure takes many forms.  A few of the ways, but not all of the ways, members can become active participants are: attending the annual auction program and bringing an non-member along as your guest; offering to assist with one or more of the Chapter’s working committees (physical or remote electronic presence) – including volunteering to assist with the annual auction program; supporting the Chapter’s Bridge Builders program including the wish hunt, fish wish and Heroes programs; serving as an auction sponsor; and/or assisting with the solicitation of new members to the organization.

We look forward to your membership and welcoming you to the Chapter!


Mike Wilmot*

President            248-755-7596

Steve Thorp*


Kristie Guadiano


Emily Weeks

Dave Jagst*



Ron Wilmot*             


Jennifer Blankenship*



Kris Blankenship*           734-262-1838

Steve Harshberger 


Mark Thelen

Barb Wilmot


Reed Wilmot

Sue Wilmot

*Executive Commitee Member

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