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Great Lakes Regional Chapter


The DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter was chartered in 2020 by Dallas Safari Club.  The Chapter was established when over one hundred and twenty individuals who reside in the Chapter’s designated territory and, across the United States and Canada, expressed in an interest in establishing a DSC chapter in the Great Lakes Region.  This Chapter has a strong North American focus.

The majority of the Chapter’s founding members were former members of the Northern Michigan Regional Chapter of Safari International.  The membership of the now defunct SCI Chapter, with a membership of approximately one hundred and ten members (110) , voted to dissolve the SCI Chapter in June in 2020 in response to a series of new policies and procedures adopted by SCI that made it impossible for the Chapter to continue to operate its highly recognized and successful fund-raising auction program that had been in existence for twenty-two years. 

The founding members of the DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter are committed to expanding the size and scope of the new Chapter membership and committed to the stated purposes of the Chapter - to promote the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation; to educate youth and the general public about the role that hunting plays in wildlife conservation; and to engage in programs and projects designed to encourage and protect the right to hunt.

The DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter will offer an auction/fund-raising program that will prove to be a “niche” program – one not typically found in other areas of the designated Chapter territory.  Funds generated by the annual auction program will be dedicated to funding significant conservation, education and hunter rights programs.

The DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter  is currently governed by an Board of Directors comprised of thirteen individuals who manage the affairs of the Chapter consistent with the existing Chapter by-laws (available on another page of this web site) and whose objectives are to establish, stabilize and insure a group of elected leaders committed to the future success the organization.  The Board of Directors, and the existing Chapter members, welcome new DSC Chapter members (find the Chapter application form on another page of this web site) and encourage all interested parties to participate in our 2024 auction program in Traverse City, Michigan and to become actively involved with other Chapter activities and programs.  

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