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Image by Kieran Manion




Bridge Builders is an exclusive sub-group of the DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter members who embody the concept of giving back so that others may benefit that is referenced in William Dromgoole’s poem “The Bridge Builder”.  These members are committed to the goals, programs and services of the organization  designed to benefit physically and/or mentally challenged youth that are sponsored by the Chapter and that introduce these special young people to hunting and wildlife conservation.  Bridge Builders provide additional financial support dedicated to the Bridge Builder activities, programs and services supported by the Chapter at-large.  A special focus of the Bridge Builders is the Mike Hammett Memorial Wish Hunt program.


Membership in Bridge Builders is open to all Chapter members.  Annual membership dues for the Bridge Builders is $50 per adult member and $10 per youth member.  Lifetime membership in the Bridge Builders in $500.


A special Bridge Builders reception will be offered for members of this elite group of Chapter members during the annual auction program schedule of events.  Bridge Builder members that attend the reception will have the opportunity to meet the most recent Wish Hunter and be among  the first members to view the Wish Hunter’s hunt video.  The Hunter’s Wish Hunt video will also be aired during the banquet portion of the annual auction program.


All members are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment and support of this important Chapter program and consider joining the DSC Great Lakes Regional Chapter Bridge Builders!

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